Friday, March 02, 2007

The Long Commute

We're back home again after a rather stressful outage, related to's ability to utilized custom domain names for Blogspot hosted blogs. As an emergency measure, all traffic was being directed to our project blog The rather convoluted solution employed was found here on the Blogger Help Group.

We also took the opportunity to get a feedburner feed up and running and will be looking at the most appropriate strategy to get our ducks in a row in that department. Anyway, glad to have that all behind us. The site should be accessible from,, and, with all of the current incoming links to the site in tact.

Thanks for your patience and understanding (not that we have any grandiose notions of self-importance, mind you). We just felt it very important not to confound new visitors from sources such as (my favorite formZ author) Lachmi Khemlani's AECbytes Feature on Second Life's potentials for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction in Real Life.

As well, within minutes of service being restored, it was a delight to find a comment submitted on our review of the 'Creepy Peepers' Apartment Towers, by none other than Scott Teplin himself, the artist behind the original print work on which the build was based.


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