Monday, January 08, 2007

Now with More Press

Perhaps one of these days we'll get around to posting another actual architectural review, but in the meantime here's another press clipping ;)

This time, it is courtesy of the National Post, a Canadian national newspaper, who did a little feature (free sign-up required to read the entire thing, regrettably) on entrepreneurship in Second Life, mentioning the Prion Design Group and our ongoing efforts for the Capozzi Winery, including a brief interview with Josh Hermsmeyer, the owner of the RL winery and the Capozzi Winery Island in SL.

A good foundational article with a lot of stuff that will be familiar to those who track SL's development on a regular basis, however it chose to focus on my speculation vis a vis the value that architects could add to the virtual real estate market, when during our conversation this was included in the context of a larger discussion that included custom design services and product sales.


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