Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Tide Rises...

Along with the rapid growth in the popularity of Second Life we have also seen an increase in the profile of architecture as a topic of discussion and discovery, including the newly launched Metaverse Architecture, an ambitious effort that comprises one of four fascinating blogs under the Metaverse Territories banner.

The goal of Metaverse Architecture as indicated in its inaugural post is to:
take various builds in Second Life (SL) as examples to generate, structure and clarify my own thoughts on : a) what it means to have an architectural idea in the metaverse; and, b) how is architectural space fabricated from (im)materials.
I like it already, but perhaps you already knew that :)

The most recent post examines the Hipcast Conference Centre, previously featured here back in May. The author, a self-described "architect cloaked as an artist and teacher" provides the type of elevated, insightful and rigourous analysis that we look forward to devouring on a regular basis.

Virtual Suburbia extends a warm welcome to our new neighbours on SL's architectural beat.


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