Saturday, November 25, 2006

Welcome Spectators

A week ago last Friday I was contacted by Shannon Proudfoot, national reporter for the CanWest newspaper chain to comment on the launch of Mario Gerosa's Synthravels, a travel agency providing guided tours to the Kodak Moments of the MMO universe. In addition to Synthravels Mario is attached to some very important work, including the Convention for the Protection of Virtual Architectural Heritage.

Last weekend the story ran in the Ottawa Citizen and the Victoria Times Colonist with many papers across Canada electing to pass on the story, perhaps pushed off the page by the launch of two new video game consoles. However a week (wii-k?) later it was picked up by the Hamilton Spectator and also published on their website.

The article doesn't contain any printed urls or active links, so if you happened to arrive here via search engine you may also be interested in the following:

Synthravels - the main topic of the article
played in italy - Mario Gerosa's Blog
The Second Life Herald - Home to muckraker extraordinaire Peter Ludlow, also interviewed for the article
simVineyard - blog for the project we are working on with the Capozzi Winery in the online world of Second Life.


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