Friday, January 12, 2007

House and Foundations

Since our popular Little House on the Sandbox post from last August, residential designer Keystone Bouchard has gone on to great things. Namely, he loaded up the truck and moved to Beverley the Bay Area to join metaverse developer Clear Ink, where he has completed such projects as Autodesk Island and most recently the United States House of Representatives in Second Life at which events were held during the swearing in of new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

On his blog 'The Arch', Keystone shares his insights into the design and construction of this landmark, including the discussion of whether to faithfully recreate the existing space or to adapt it as he does successfully to both the pragmatic function of Second Life's avatar and camera controls as well as the symbolic notion of 'opening up' the building in a gesture to increased transparency and accessibility as facilitated by the democratic process.

In an earlier post Keystone also provides a summary of the event he and I hosted last month for both new and seasoned builders. Dubbed 'SL Foundations,' the objective of the event was to share tips, techniques and resources through discussion and demonstrations, placing emphasis on the practical aspects of 'how to build' over the theoretical aspects of 'why to build'. Two of the goals coming out of this event were to: 1) have more events like it and 2) launch a wiki to capture and centralize all of the good stuff coming out of the session.

While the second event has not yet been planned, the wiki has been launched, and I invite you to head over, check it out and feel free to contribute. Does the world need another wiki? Some would say not, but, unlike most wikis is at the very least easy on the eyes, and quite fun to use.


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