Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Juro Kothari Homes

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The sim of Deneb features a number of interesting builds, one of the most striking is a small shopfront run by well-known SL builder Juro Kothari (Deneb 182,145). This build is a sophisticated and sensitive response to the commercial context of the sim that also serves to reinforce a sense of brand identity.

First of all, unlike many commercial builds, this shop does a very good job of addressing the street in general, and the corner in particular. The whole idea of streets in SL is an interesting one to me. I have yet to see an Av driving by in a vehicle, or walking on the sidewalk, due perhaps in some part to the fact that such confinement and conformity is something we experience too much of in RL as it is. Nonetheless, this build accepts the street as a site condition and deals with it well. Specifically, the corner is opened in a rectilinear fashion without resorting to a 45 degree chamfer, the resultant being a strong spatial (rather than formal) entry condition. The vertical projection of the signage past the roof line of the build provides a similar entry condition for those who are airborne.

The build is expressed as a compelling volumetric interplay between continuous and carved elements, with a clear differentiation between 'heavy' wall components and 'light' glass components. The crisp, plain white color provides a nice complement to the textured volumes and brings a unique graphic sensibility to the build as a whole. The build abuts Cyrus Designs (a structure also owned by Juro Kothari) and complements this build while maintaining its own identity. The two structures look as if they may have been conceived simultaneously, if this is the case Juro's shop is the more successful of the two.

Once inside, the content is well organized, and feels consistent with an overall concept. Functionally the scale of the build facilitates ease of movement while keeping camera issues to a minimum. This is a good thing since for being such a small build there's a lot here to gawk at. Its a good thing us Avs don't get whiplash.


At 9/16/2005 9:07 AM, Blogger Craig Perko said...

I notice that this building - and many others in SL - doesn't have a "door". You don't need shelter in SL (weather being so forgiving), and there are easier ways to have security than a locked door.

Do you think you'll be doing any writing on these kinds of differences, and perhaps what purposes buildings are evolving to serve? I think that would be interesting both to scholars and to SL architects. Maybe even real architects.

At 9/16/2005 11:29 AM, Blogger Chip Poutine said...

The idea is to explore some of these ideas through examples as they come along. In this case the build really seems like more of a calling card, as the information could just as easily have been conveyed in an open plaza. One could suggest it is moreover an experiential demonstration of what the builder is capable of providing to potential clients.

At 9/16/2005 1:49 PM, Blogger Craig Perko said...

Well, I'll be reading every post, if you keep up this quality. :)


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